10 Things to Feel Hope for the Future of Food and Nature

One of the things that makes me very sad is how we treat animals and our nature badly. Today I was walking my dog and saw another dog owner kick his little dog. It made me so sad. I live in a country where there is no regulation about the treatment of animals nor is there much regulation when it comes to protecting nature. This simply doesn’t belong to the mindset of locals. As a consequence everywhere you go there is trash. Find a beautiful lake or hike a mountain – there will be trash there. And stray dogs and cats. The domestic animals are so malnourished you could count their ribs.

So I found solace today imagining a brighter future. A future where the amazing things people have already done would continue to grow and develop. So here goes, the trends that give me hope for the future.

Mushroom takeaway boxes cricket protein, lab grown meat from stem cells or vegetarian. Edible forks and knives. The guy who aims to clean up our ocean.

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