Making money from blogging: What I have learned

This is not another one of those blogs where people claim they made 3823$ per month after only 2 months blogging. No, I have really seen the ugly side of blogging and affiliate marketing since I decided to try this out. Each and every post I have clicked on from Pinterest dealing with how to get traffic to a new blog, how to post perfectly to pinterest or how to make money blogging is about one thing and one thing only. To make money off the person reading the post. And seldom do they offer any real content or good advice. Heck, sometimes they don’t even address whatever they said the blog was about in the title on pinterest.

It makes it so hard to trust anything on the internet anymore. Can I trust these people who are linking to various products – that they have truly tried the products and like them – or are they just linking to them because the producer is offering a good earning for affiliates?

So, the little I have gained from reading these posts (some are ok I guess) is:

  1. Create a lot of content of value. As in, write good, original stuff.
  2. Create quality pins for people to click on
  3. Pin with a business account on Pinterest
  4. Join forces with others doing the same (you scratch my back – I scratch your back)
  5. Learn SEO stuff like keywords, tags and such

There is so much crap out there. Cheap articles screaming at you to CLICK so the site owner earns a buck. But after a few dozen such sites the reader feels violated. Buy my ebook, join my emailing list. Ugh. It really gave me a bad taste in the mouth and turned me off trying this. Although who would say no to passive income? So I guess it just gave me an idea of how important integrity is in a sea of fake.

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