How to finally start ANYTHING

Not long ago I came across a facebook post recommending a book. The poster is a guy I knew in high school and haven’t spoken to him since we went to a dance together and he was way too pushy for my liking. But I do owe him a lot, as that facebook post of his really changed my life. What he wrote in his post was that for the last year he had followed the advice found in the One minute habits. In that one year he had started playing the guitar, started meditating daily, started learned a new language and read 10 books. Not bad! Now, I think everyone has a running list of things they would love to have learned or done. So what this book recommends is to do these things, but only for a minimum of 1 minute per day. If you feel like it you can decide during that 1 minute that you would like to extend the time. But you have to have it something you can meet the minimum doing on your WORST day.

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