3 Amazing Resources For Spiritual Growth

  1. Trinfinity Academy – Bentinho Massaro has recieved a lot of criticism in the last year. But what spiritual teacher hasn’t? In his online spirituality school the Trinfinity Academy you get access to 2 life changing courses. Personally I would recommend the Empowering one. When I did it I had a lot of my dreams come true within a month. Very powerful stuff.
  2. The power of now – Far from being new, Eckart Tolle’s classic book on accepting what is at this very moment is capable of turning your life around in the time it takes you to read his words. It works instantaneously if you allow it. In fact, try it right now! You might feel some kind of resistance to what is – maybe you don’t want to be where or how you are at this moment – in traffic, awake too late, anxious, sad. Maybe you are regretting what you ate yesterday or worried about what shall come tomorrow. But get this. You can accept everything AS IF YOU CHOSE IT for this moment. Realize that nothing really exists except now. Life is a series of NOWs. You can get Tolle’s amazing book from Amazon here.

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